About Photo Downloads

Who can use images posted on ShootTactical.com and how they may be used.

(Scroll down for access instructions)

  • I take a lot of photos at each event, I mean a LOT! That is why I have set up a DropBox account, to make access easier. There is a link for each event on the Photo Links page. Click that link for THAT event for access.
  • These images will be largely unedited, meaning little or no post-production has been done to any of them. If you find an image you like and want it tweaked, let me know.
  • All images are in .jpg format to make things easier. Raw images are available. Contact Steve for more info.
  • When you follow the link to the DropBox folder, look for other shooters or yourself in your squad. All shooters will be in the squad and in the order of shooters at that stage.
  • All images are copyright protected and are available for your personal use ONLY as long as images are credited. PLEASE “tag” or Photo Credit) Steve Loker (Facebook), ShootTactical (Facebook) or, @ShootTacticalPhotography on Instagram as the photographer. Images may not be distributed, sold or used in any way other than your personal use. I may use images for contest and promotional situations.
  • Images may be used commercially with permission/release ONLY, contact Steve Loker for details.
  • If images are used in a social media post (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…), help us out here, PLEASE “tag” or Photo Credit) Steve Loker (Facebook), ShootTactical (Facebook), @ShootTacticalPhotography (Instagram) or, ShootTactical.com as the source and/or photographer.
  • If you have ANY questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at photos@ShootTactical.com.

How to access and order images

  • Follow the link for the match date and click on it.
  • Once in the DropBox folder look for the viewing option drop down. (See pictures below.) Click on it and choose your preferred view. I prefer the “Large” option.
  • The Image number will be under the image. I will need this to process the Hi-Rez image files. Send the image number(s) to steve@shoottactical.com.

If you run into ANY problems ordering or viewing images, drop me a line at steve@shoottactical.com.

Shameless Plug and Site Transparency

You may have seen an occasional ad on the site. I don’t get paid for posting to, maintaining and hosting this site. I ONLY allow ads for products and services related to Shooting Sports and the Shooting world in general. I ONLY consider products or services I would or DO use. If you have a shooting sports related product or service you would like to promote, contact Steve Loker for more information.

All that said, you can help offset the cost of hosting this site and catching the photos as well as keeping the ads to a minimum. If you would like to help out, the easiest way is via ZellePay through your banking app, using steve@bigroadmediagroup.com as recipient email or, PayPal.me.