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Photos are now available on TacticalShots.com.

What IS ShootTactical?

I’m Steve Loker, and I experience shooting sports from a different perspective, through the lens of a camera.

The idea behind ShootTactical.com is to promote shooting sports and connect others with a 2A mindset. From Match Photos and Product Reviews to Firearms Instructors, we try to keep content fresh and current. I have since added drones to our kit.

I have been incorporating drone footage into the match and class images. I have made an investment into this side of the business by adding thermal and high quality video and higher resolution photos.

What can I do for you or your business? Glad you asked. I can take photos video, either ones you provide or ones I take, create a video catalog of your products or services. These videos can be used to promote your business on our corporate website.

Want to show off your property? Have stray livestock or invasive wildlife? I can fly your property and record your heard or track down those feral hogs that keep making a mess of things. This can be done live, while you watch or I can upload files for later review.

Video in real estate listings are being used more and more lately. I can I can include or create a video of your listing that is ready to upload to your listing. Larger properties and higher end listings can be set apart from the rest with video and aerial photos. I can stitch together an aerial map of the property as well and include highlighted features that sometime go unnoticed.

All contracted missions will be insured up to $10 million upon request.

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Drone Video

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