Custom Holsters


Why a Custom Holster?

Why do I need a Custom Holster? Everyone has a dedicated EDC holster or should have one. Most of us have more than one EDC. Choices being IWB (inside waistband), or OWB (outside waistband). Some of us compete and want our kit to be functional AND uniform. With a custom holster you can be a part of the build with YOUR input. Want a certain color or pattern? No problem. Want a specific cant or attachment? Again, no problem.

Almost every gun shop has a “holster guy” who toils away in the back of the shop making multiple copies of the same thing someone else has done. Sometimes we get lucky and find what will work. Other times we get a new addition to the “holster drawer”. Our friends at Legion Defensive Solutions is here to help. From pistol holsters to mag holders, the options are endless. You can find holsters on eBay, Amazon and even on Wish and Geek. There may be an option that works for you. Now, ask yourself: “how many will you have to “buy to try” before you find what you need?” Back to Top

Background on Kydex

“Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured by Sekisui SPI.[1] It has a wide variety of applications, including for aircraft bulkheads, firearm holsters, sheaths, and for knives.” Wikipedia

It can be molded and shaped when heated and will hold its shape and rigidity once set. So make sure you don’t store your Kydex holster in a hot car or truck. Most commercially available holsters are die cut in bulk and vacuum shaped with a special piece of equipment that will speed up BULK manufacturing and reproduce fairly similar copies. To get a true custom fit, it needs to be hand pressed by the maker. Hand pressing gives each finished product a unique and truly custom, one of a kind feel. Back to Top

Who IS Defense Solutions?

Being around shooters every week, I see a lot of options. I recently met Robert, the owner of Legion Defense Solutions. He’s pretty much a one man show building custom holsters one at a time. By hand. He has completed over 1000 hand built, custom holsters. One at a time. Every one one is hand pressed to make each one more secure. He has made extra custom holders and mag holders for EDC carriers to Law Enforcement personnel. Every one I have seen is quality from the fit to the finish. If you have something specific in mind, he can most likely build it for you. Back to Top

“Each one one is hand pressed to make each one more secure.”

How do they look?

How do I find this guy?

You can reach Robert via his website, or on Instagram at @legiondefensesolutions. Back to Top

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